The Team

Jessica Harkins is the Co-Chair of Amiculus and has worked in onshore settlement in Australia since 2012 in case management, community development, community art projects and team leading. Jess has worked with refugees from Burma on the Thai/Burma border as part of an internship with the Centre for Refugee Research. She has also worked in the child protection and domestic and family violence sectors. Jess has a Bachelor in Global Studies and a Masters in Social Development, Refugees and Forced Migration. She has a passion for children’s rights and representation, particularly in the forced migration space, and is slowly learning the Rohingya language.

Zoe Bell is the Co-Chair of Amiculus. She has worked in onshore settlement since 2013 in case management, management, community art projects, advocacy and domestic and family violence. She has also worked in the refugee health, mental health, and child protection sectors. Zoe has worked in India with refugees from Burma and South Africa in the disability sector. She has a Bachelor in Social Work with Honours and a Masters in Human Rights Law and Policy. She is currently completing a PhD in statelessness and temporary protection. She is passionate about changing the discourse related to forced migration and encouraging governments to be more human in their acceptance of refugees and people seeking asylum.

Zac Quinn is the Treasurer of Amiculus. He worked in the finance industry for 10 years after studying Economics at university, before becoming a procurement manger in the coffee industry. In 2013, he spent six months working on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea, as a Support Worker and Project Manager, helping people indefinitely locked up without charge within the Australian Government-operated Offshore Detention Centre. That experience partly formed the basis of his fictional novel “Sanlundia”, published in 2019. He now travels around Australia (and occasionally overseas) doing Author Talks and being involved in public forums about Australia’s Offshore Detention system and the damage it causes to both people seeking asylum and the Australians who work within it.

Amanda Lloyd-Tait is the Secretary of Amiculus and has worked in both onshore and offshore settlement since 2012 in case management, team leading and community development. She has been involved in the international development sector in advocacy, campaigning and project management. Amanda has a Bachelor of International Studies with Honours focusing on Irregular Migration and a Masters in International Law. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Psychological Science.  She is passionate about human rights and improving the day to day lives and mental health of those who have experienced forced migration.  

Catherine Sell is the Special Projects Officer of Amiculus. She is a social worker and has worked in both onshore and offshore settlement since 2012 in varied roles such as case management, community engagement and team leading. She has experience in the mental health sector and is currently working as a Research Assistant and Sessional Academic teaching social work students at a local University. Catherine has a passion for community activism and grassroots social change.  

Therese Viuya is the Special Projects Administrator of Amiculus. She has worked in onshore settlement since 2013 in case management and community development. She has six years of experience in fundraising for overseas development projects. Therese is a Child and Family Counsellor with a Bachelor of Social Work and Graduate Diploma in Relationships Counselling. She is passionate about the wellbeing and development of children and their families.

Echo the dog is the Special Projects Labrador of Amiculus. She provides the board with mental health support and lots of tail-wagging!