Scholarship Application Assistance

At Amiculus: The Humble Friend Project, we are committed to reducing the inter-generational impacts of the current systemic and structural disadvantage in Australia for those on temporary protection and those seeking asylum. For many young people in this circumstance, they struggle to see a future for themselves because their future is so unknown and in the hands of the Australian government.

Currently young people in this circumstance are expected to pay exorbitant international student fees to attend Australian universities. As a result, intelligent and motivated students are missing out on pursuing their desire to attend university.

How we can help: 

We are supporting recent school leavers between 18-25 years who are on TPV/SHEV/BVE visas and have no access to HECS/HELP or other fee support options.

We are offering assistance with completing applications for the scholarships currently available at Australian universities (see here for details about what scholarships are available:

We are also assisting with completing other relevant applications such as the UAC Equity Scholarship application. In addition, we help guide young people through the process with things like gathering required supporting documents.

Please note: we cannot guarantee any success in obtaining a scholarship or entry into university. We can only assist in the application process.

If you or someone you know fits the criteria above and needs help with the scholarship application process please email us [email protected] with the subject line: Scholarship Application Support. In the body of the email please include name and contact details and a brief description about your/the young person’s situation and interest in attending university.