How our government forces people to break the law to survive

This week has demonstrated once again that our government lacks the basic concepts of compassion and human rights. From threatening to jail Aussie citizens seeking to return home from COVID-19 impacted countries, to the news today that people seeking asylum are being constantly denied bridging visas and subsequently forced to break the law to feed themselves and their children.

The following article highlights the plight of Ahmed, who was told that his bridging visa would not be renewed, therefore losing access to work rights, study rights and basic healthcare. When he asked how he could legally support himself, he was told to go back home.

How much longer are we prepared to allow our politicians to commit human right violations in our name? How many more international news sites need to carry stories about the inhumane policies of our government?

Ahmed says going back is not an option, as he'll be killed upon his return. So he has chosen to stay in Australia and carve out a life for himself with cash-in-hand jobs and the assistance of charities like Amiculus: The Humble Friend Project.

We continue to join the call for the Australian Government to respect human rights and to support those in need, whether they are Aussies living abroad or people seeking safety within our local communities. Join us in this fight by volunteering or donating to this vital cause.



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