Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Amiculus?


We are a group of friends based in Sydney, Australia, all of whom have spent years working and volunteering with refugees and people seeking asylum. We have seen the effects of an unfair system and the disadvantages and suffering this can bring to the people we work with. We’re pushing for these systems to change, but want to address the existing issues in the meantime for people who need help, right now.

What does Amiculus mean?

little friend, dear friend, humble friend

Source “Oxford Latin Dictionary”, 1982 (OLD)

What is a Humble Friend?


Our Humble Friends are our team of valued supporters and volunteers.

Humble Friends are integral to Amiculus: we recognise (and love) that we are a team and that we work together as a community.

Do you take referrals?


Amiculus works with leaders and grassroots organisations within the asylum seeker and stateless communities. They know their community, and those in need are referred to our organisation.

People in need can also come to us directly or through Facebook and self-refer. If you are from an organisation and you have someone you would like to refer to Amiculus, contact us through our website.

What happens to my donation?


Amiculus consists entirely of a team of passionate volunteers, all giving their time and expertise to help.

Over 90% of your donation goes directly to the people we help, with the remainder covering our minimal expenses.

How do you know who to help?


Our team works closely with community leaders to identity the greatest needs in their own communities. Our current project works with the Rohingya community and is working with those most affected by COVID 19. This includes people seeking asylum, people who are stateless, refugees and people on temporary visas.

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I don’t live in Australia, can I still help?


Of course you can! Some of our upcoming projects can be carried out via video call, and our website takes donations in any currency. Every little bit helps.

Can I get involved?



There are loads of ways to get involved, see the links below for more information.






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