About Amiculus

Amiculus: The Humble Friend Project works to advocate for equity, relieve poverty and to bring about the full realisation of human rights. Amiculus works with refugees, people seeking asylum, people who are stateless and temporary visa holders among others. 

We assist those who are systemically most vulnerable by undertaking the following activities:

  • Supporting people through advocacy
  • Assisting the development of self-advocacy skills to address structural disadvantages, such as poverty and inequality
  • Providing financial and in-kind donations
  • Empowering people to access their rights
  • Assisting people to navigate and access services and referral pathways.
  • Supporting, where possible, the reunification of families who have been separated by persecution and/or violence through the refugee experience
  • Developing a volunteer network of trained professionals who are able to support our work

And in case you were wondering, "Amiculus" is the Latin word for "humble friend"!

Amiculus: The Humble Friend Project is a registered charity

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